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To support leaders, teams, and organizations who seek to build competence, empower confidence, embrace challenges, fuel innovation, and increase performance.

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Chris Cavalieri, PCC, CDTLF, CRP

Chris Cavalieri

Core Values: Connection, Curiosity

Christine Cavalieri, PCC, CDTLF (she/her/hers) - As an Executive Coach, Organizational Consultant and Facilitator, Chris partners with leaders seeking to increase performance, foster resilience and spark innovation. She has coached leaders and their teams through high-stakes challenges of all kinds, ranging from role expansions to performance leaps, and she’s guided many companies on their journey toward adopting and embracing changes.

Chris has more than 20 years of experience consulting within organizations and coaching leaders of emerging startups, nonprofits and transforming organizations. Chris integrates her knowledge and experience of system and design thinking, group dynamics, change management and organizational culture to inform the contextual landscape of facilitating, consulting and coaching.

Known for her candor, humor and enthusiasm, Chris is a natural relationship builder, easy to connect with and trust. She listens deeply, asks the right questions to help gain insight into the impact of behaviors, to examine personal and professional goals, and existing resources and strategies. As an ICF certified coach, Chris blends her organizational insight and strategic thinking to comprehensive engagements. In June 2019, Chris was trained by Dr. Brené Brown to become a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator.


Sam Crowe, PhD

Core Values: Honesty, Humanization

Dr. Samantha Crowe, PhD, ACC, CDTLF (she/her/hers) - Dr. Sam Crowe is a leadership and transformation coach who believes in the power of brave, humanized living and leading. She’s an expert in emotions and resilience, holding a doctorate degree in neuroscience and 10+ years of research experience at Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, and the National Institutes of Health.

Sam has served as a strategist and leader of a multi-million-dollar military health portfolio at the global consulting firm, Booz Allen Hamilton. Sam also served as chief of staff and senior advisor at the biopharmaceutical industry trade association, PhRMA.

Sam now coaches across sectors and industries, including non-profits, Fortune 500 companies, and the U.S. military. She uses a whole-person approach that starts with “lead thy whole self.” Her superpower is creating brave spaces with empathic presence, levity, and full appreciation of what makes humans, human.
Sam is certified by the International Coach Federation as an Associate Certified Coach. She is a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, trained directly by Dr. Brené Brown, and a Certified Diversity and Belonging Culture Facilitator. Sam is also trained in trauma-informed and somatic coaching and certified in Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i 2.0, EQ 360), Conscious Business, and the 4 Stages of Psychological Safety. Learn more about Sam here.


Kathryn Himsworth

Core Values: Love, Serenity

Kathryn Himsworth (she/her/hers) - Former Head of Talent Development and New Ways of Working, Vanguard


David Kasch, PhD

Core Values: Generosity, Inclusion

David Kasch, PhD, PCC, CDTLF (he/him/his) - As an Executive and Leadership Coach and Facilitator, David helps leaders develop the courage and confidence to do the hard things that matter most. He has supported leaders and their teams through high-impact transitions such as restructuring leadership teams, resolving relationship conflicts and reducing burnout risks.

David has more than 10 years of experience of coaching and consulting leaders and teams from Fortune 500 level organizations in technology, healthcare and education. His knowledge, research and experience in organizational culture, adult learning and development, and relationship systems thinking create the foundation for his coaching and facilitation work.

As a researcher and educator, David is an engaged thought-partner who is deeply committed to the development and success of others. Through careful listening and powerful questions, he helps clients to articulate their core values and goals, question their current assumptions and beliefs, and shift their behaviors to create better performance with less effort. As an ICF certified coach, David leverages his love of learning and passion for human development to foster deep change in clients. David was also trained by Dr. Brené Brown to become a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator.

You can learn more about David's credentials and training here.


Donna McFadden

Core Values: Connection, Growth

Donna McFadden (she/her/hers) -

As a leadership and transformation coach who believes in the power and necessity of connection, Donna encourages a client’s development, while helping them to navigate change. A lifetime commitment to personal growth has prompted dynamic career shifts from healthcare consulting, small business operation and the nonprofit sector. 

Brings a history of social Justice and highlighting racial inequities to her work. She has assisted previous organizations in bringing trauma-informed awareness and racial/cultural sensitivity to the delivery of client service.  

She received her coach training through Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Coach Training program and is Dare to Lead™ trained. She brings humor and natural curiosity in service to her clients, as well as the belief that we all benefit from our interconnectedness. 


Michele Norris

Core Values: Integrity, Oneness

Michele Norris, CDTLF, PCC (she/her/hers) -

Michele’s top two strengths are Connectedness and Individualization. When you combine these two strengths, they become Oneness: How people and concepts that are different are actually connected. The awareness of why we are all here and how can we best work together to create fulfilled work and lives. As an executive and leadership coach, Michele’s favorite clients are those who are thirsty to do the deeper work of being, not doing, at the intersection of life and work. Living and leading with intentionality, purpose and thriving vs. striving.

After 30 years in Corporate America in sales leadership, she formed Navigen Leadership to focus on the Future @ Work and why our differences are our strengths. Each of us are trying to understand ourselves, how we fit into the world, and how we create connection with other humans dancing their own dance. As a navigational facilitator she has spent the last 12 years helping organizational leaders through the demographic tsunami that has happened to the workplace.

Michele’s gift as a coach is to see her clients through the lens of possibility, discern their unique strengths, and help them realize their humanness. We all want to feel seen, heard, valued, and understood, and yet we waste an extraordinary amount of energy trying to convey the opposite. Michele is an accredited PCC coach with The International Coaching Federation (ICF) and has additional certifications and training with Dr. Brené Brown (Certified Dare to Lead™Facilitator), Judith Glazer (Conversational Intelligence®), Shirzad Chamine (Positive Intelligence®). She currently serves as President of the Central Florida Chapter of ICF.

Until then, learn more about Michele’s credentials and services here.


Lizzy Perez

Core Values: Adventure, Caring

Lizzy Perez, CDTLF, ELI-MP (she/her/hers) - Lizzy is a leadership coach and consultant who brings over 28 years of experience in education & people transformation, leadership, and coaching. As an experienced school leader, she knows the challenges of surging in highly complex and high-functioning organizations having led people across various workplace and global cultures. Her specialization is coaching clients from authentic relationships and resonance in their daily lives.

Lizzy uses her connectedness to facilitate an all-out habitat of consciousness-raising allowing participants to mirror her in the immersion of learning. Demonstrating the essence of trust-building as a leader's most critical asset becomes evident the minute a client has stepped into one of her coaching sessions or any of Lizzy's facilitation engagemnts.

As a PhD student at Our Lady of the Lake University and educator, Lizzy is able to connect deeply, think divergently, visualize conceptually, and saturate in theory while helping clients formulate their praxis. Lizzy received her coaching training from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) where she also became an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) within that same program. She was also trained by Dr. Brené Brown to become a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator.

Learn more about Lizzy’s credentials and services here.


Christine Williams

Core Values: Connection, Courage

Christine Williams, PCC (she/her/hers) - Christine specializes in coaching high potential leaders into challenging and or stretch roles. As a former Executive HR leader, Christine has years of experience developing and delivering strategies that maximize business results. Christine advised and partnered with Senior Executives in R&D, Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing, and Corporate Functions (Finance, IT, Compliance, Strategy, HR, Legal) across global organizations. In her role as the program leader for a national nonprofit, she facilitated the accelerated development required to ready emerging leaders to assume critical roles.

Along with a degree in Human Resources Development from The Catholic University of America, Christine also holds certifications as a Associate Certified Coach (ICF), Positive Intelligence Practitioner (PQ) and is Dare to Lead™ Trained.

Christine believes that coaching is a powerful partnership that drives professional and personal growth for her clients. Insightful and inspiring, her natural drive and appreciation of learning are reflected in the unwavering support she provides to her clients. Her formula for client success includes aligning purpose and values in a manner that drives results. Christine received her training from Teleos Leadership Institute, a curriculum built upon a foundation of Emotional Intelligence and Resonant Leadership.


Chris was a thoughtful, intentional sounding board and mentor as I worked through my own professional development, helping me tackle big and small issues. She also provided access to a number of additional resources that have really rounded out my toolbox. Grateful for her coaching, facilitation, and wisdom – and look forward to the opportunity to work together again.

Chris was a gift during a time of major personal and professional transitions. She helped me find clarity so I could prioritize and she helped me open space for new opportunities. She has a knack for getting right down to the essentials. I most enjoyed her insights and sense of humor.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached by Chris because she is smart, insightful, and brilliant at business process improvement. She quickly spotted areas of my work where I was making things harder than they need to be. Streamlining and fine-tuning systems has freed up time and energy and improved my work/life balance. Her style is thoughtful and fun. I highly recommend her.

Working on yourself under Chris’s guidance is an amazing journey. She is spot on, kind, insightful and super resourceful. She brings to the table a level of care and knowledge to help you grow in ways that you hadn’t envision for yourself. She will put her finger on that one struggling point and lead you into identifying where you have room for improvement and how to get there. She guides rather than tell. She gives you keys that you might use later one and realize months after how insightful and resourceful she is.

Chris gave me tools, lead me to identify problem areas, took my hand in a time of hardship; but more importantly, she taught me to see within, to ask myself the right questions, to be in touch with a whole part of me that was buried. I have grown, blossomed, evolved, and progressed thanks to her guidance. I can only be grateful and highly recommend her!

Chris is an amazing facilitator. I have only heard positive reviews from board members. She was exactly what this group needed- we couldn’t stop talking about what Chris did for the group - on so many levels. Thank you for helping us articulate the priorities moving forward.

Christine is a kind, patient, thoughtful Coach whose style is rooted in some pretty cool methodologies - including those of Brené Brown. I have benefitted from her coaching and would recommend her to someone looking for a Coach as it is time well spent! - Dominique


As a coach, Christine is very skilled in her capacity to actively listen, to understand complex situations and contexts, and provide meaningful reflection and guidance. To be effective, participating in a coaching pathway is a multi-dimensional two-way street, and in this regard, Christine is very accessible and open while bringing focus and new perspectives to make that pathway purposeful. Working with Christine allowed me to arrive at much greater clarity and actionable practices in regard to life themes and work challenges.

Before Christine was my coach, I flowed along in the day-to-day getting everything done but couldn’t figure out how to stay in the strategic space. Fast forward to a year working with Christine...she asks thoughtful questions and focuses on my leadership goals. Yes, it’s all about me! First time experiencing that with an amazing coach. She challenges me to think deep about myself as well as why I feel/do certain things. I feel incredibly blessed to have Christine as my executive coach as I invest in myself. - Chel

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